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After working in the commodity business for 20 years, it had become increasingly clear to me that, no matter how much time & effort we put in to trying to understand commodity price movements, that predicting those movements, with any degree of certainty, was not possible. The answer, if you give it some thought, is pretty simple! A wise friend often told me, “If you can’t predict the weather; you can’t predict grain prices”! IN addition to weather, there are a host of other variables that also seem to defy prediction; politics and geo-political events among them.


Moving Parts L.L.C. came to life in November 2004 with the primary objective of offering our customers a “new” approach to managing their commodity risk!  I will talk about this “new” approach in later sections, but it must be working, if judged by our growth! Here is a brief history of that growth.


    November 2006 – Scott Custard joins Moving Parts with 16-years of experience in, flour milling, grain trading and veg oils.


   December 2007 – Melissa Brandquist joins Moving Parts with 21-years of experience in flour milling, accounting and administration. 

July 2009 – Moving Parts relocates to a larger headquarters at 147th & F Streets in Omaha


   September 2010 – Dan Wooldridge joins Moving Parts with 30 years of experience in corn sweeteners, food ingredients, vegetable oils, flour milling, and cash brokerage.


October 2017 – Nate Smithson joins Moving Parts with 17 years of experience in energy markets, soybean & canola processing, vegetable oils and crop inputs.


January 2018 – Paige Kennebeck joins Moving Parts with a degree in Marketing & Business Management from Wayne State College.

March 2019 – Moving Parts relocates to a larger headquarters in Waterloo Nebraska. 

July 2019 – Moving Parts announces sales role with AMD Oil Sales & AMD Speciality Oils


Since 2004, we have grown from an idea and a basement office in my home into a business that serves companies across a broad sector of the food business! I hope you will read on to find out what we have planned next!


Dave Reeble – President & Founder

Our Team
Dave Reeble, CEO & Founder

Dave@movingpartsllc.com | Phone: 402.763.9384

Dan Wooldridge, VP

Dan@movingpartsllc.com | Phone: 402.763.9384

Dave is the founder and president of Moving Parts, L.L.C. He grew up in Illinois, and graduated from Millikin University. During his 37 years of experience working in the commodity food business, he has worked in grain and grain products, trading, refined vegetable oils, risk management and procurement of commodity products for ADM, Pillsbury, AGP and ConAgra Foods.

Scott Custard, VP

Scott@movingpartsllc.com | Phone: 402.763.9384

Scott is a native Nebraskan and graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, in 1989 with a B.S. in Agriculture. He has 29 years of commodity related work experience, primarily in the food business, working for AGP and ConAgra Foods. With a background in wheat flour and vegetable oil, the first 18 years of his career was in grain merchandising and veg oil / wheat flour sales, serving as account manager to some of the largest foodservice customers in the country.

Melissa Brandquist, Administrative Assistant

Melissa@movingpartsllc.com | Phone: 402.763.9384

Melissa is a native Nebraskan, and is a graduate of the University of Phoenix. She has over 32 years of experience working in the food industry, primarily with ConAgra Foods. Her well rounded career has included customer service, logistics and transportation, purchasing, and sales. At Moving Parts, she wears many hats, including chief accountant, commodity position management, and payroll/benefits. 

Hi! I grew up on farms in central Iowa but snuck through a hole in the fence and found my way to Iowa State University in 1976.  After an absolutely awesome experience in Ames, I graduated in 1981 with a B.S. in Agricultural Business/Finance.  Through the following 30 years, I held a variety of sales, operations, quality management, procurement/supply chain, and IT roles at companies engaged in raw commodity processing operations including oilseed processing/vegetable oil refining, corn wet milling,  wheat/flour milling, and food manufacturing.  My former employers include A.E. Staley/ Tate & Lyle, Kelco Division of Merck Pharmaceutical, Ag Processing Inc, Francis-Mustoe, and ConAgra Foods.  After those 30 years in the corporate world, it did not take much urging from my buddy Dave to leave that environment and come to work at Moving Parts in September 2010.  Since then, I’ve tremendously enjoyed bringing all my experience, knowledge, and a little creativity to bear for the benefit of my clients who include some of the largest food retailers, restaurant chains, and food manufacturers in the US and Canada.  Our goal at Moving Parts is to bring a commodity risk management discipline to our clients that is laser-focused on reducing exposure to ingredient cost volatility thereby stabilizing and improving business margins. Give me a call and let’s explore how I may be able to help you!

Paige Kennebeck, VP in Training

Paige@movingpartsllc.com | Phone: 402.763.9384

Paige is Dave's daughter, and was born in Nebraska. She graduated from Wayne State College in 2017 with a double major in Business Marketing and Management. She was previously an intern with Moving Parts for two years before joining us full time in January of 2018.

Nathan Smithson, VP

Nate@movingpartsllc.com | Phone: 402.763.9384

Raised in southern Minnesota, Nate graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Education. Nate has enjoyed an 18 year career immersed in the farming and agriculture industry with experience ranging from working one on one with farmers, to working for local farmer owned Co-ops, to spending 16 years at CHS. At CHS Nate worked in energy and refined fuels, logistics, with the majority of his time in vegetable oil sales and canola processing and risk management. Nate joined Moving Parts in October of 2017.

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